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Adhd AppThe only vibrating reminder watch invented by a child psychologist who has extensive experience working with children who have ADD, WatchMinder is the best solution for ADD time management. With 65 pre-programmed reminders, WatchMinder is simple to use and doesn't require a computer to program. You can download the ADHD app directly to your phone, too. The watch is fashionable and looks like any other watch out there, making it practical and discreet to use in any situation. Unlike gadgets that are obtrusive and awkward, WatchMinder fits into your life. Unlike a normal alarm that is disruptive and loud, WatchMinder's silent vibrations are only detected by the wearer and is appropriate in even the quietest of settings. For children and adults with ADD, remembering daily responsibilities, staying focused, and keeping positive can be a challenge. Feeling dependent on others for reminders is never a good feeling, and relying on technology that is not meant for the appropriate reminders can be a waste of time. WatchMinder was created by a child psychologist who saw a gap in tools available for those struggling with ADD. Dr. Becker spent decades working with children with ADD, and found that time management was one of the patients' biggest issues. It can be hard for children and adults with ADD to remember their responsibilities and focus enough to see them through. Dr. Becker spent years recommending that patients with ADD use a typical watch to set alarms to help with time management, but because the process is cumbersome, the reminders are not customizable, and there are only a limited number of alarms you can set per day on a regular watch. Dr. Becker knew that if despite all these issues the watches were still extremely useful, a watch tailored to the needs of those with ADD would have a monumental impact on the daily lives of his patients. That's where WatchMinder came in. WatchMinder lets you select from pre-programmed reminders and choose to set them at random intervals, set intervals, and specific times throughout the day. When would you use each of these options? Random intervals are useful for general statements to help you stay on track. A high school student can set their watch to remind them to "Focus" at random intervals, giving him the small cue he needs to stay on track and give all of his attention to the task at hand. Set intervals are useful for more regular reminders that you'd like to set during a specific time period. For example, a parent might set their child's watch to remind them to "Focus" every 15 minutes while studying for a quiz. Specific times are useful for when you need to do something at a specific time. A reminder can be set everyday at 9am to remind a child to take their ADD medication, cuing them to "Take Meds." As far as ADD time management tools go, WatchMinder is the clear choice for anyone with ADD or parents with children who have ADD. We also recommend you try our ADHD app, available for iPhone. Adhd App

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