What To Feed A Border Collie

What To Feed A Border Collie

One of the most important considerations to make when choosing what to feed your Border Collie is whether to feed your pup raw food, or a kibble diet.

Both diets have advantages and disadvantages.

Due to its similarity to Border Collies' natural diet, a raw diet is frequently considered to be the best choice.

Fresh meat, bones, fruit, and vegetables can all be included in a raw diet, and vitamins and minerals can be added as well.

Border Collies on a raw diet typically have better overall health and fewer allergies and digestive problems.

However, preparing a raw food diet can be costly, time-consuming, and unpleasant.

A raw diet might not be the ideal choice for you if you don't feel comfortable handling raw meat or don't have the time to prepare meals every day.

This is where the alternative solution of the Kibble diet comes in. 

The Kibble diet is the most popular kind of diet for Border Collies.  It's made off of small compressed meat, grain, and vegetable pellets are combined to form the dry food known as kibble. 

In general, kibble is less expensive than a raw diet and is simple to feed and store. It also lasts longer.

However, kibble diets are sometimes less nutritionally complete than raw diets and might be heavy in carbs and might overall feel a bit more bland to your dog. Border Collies on a kibble diet can be more likely to gain weight and experience health issues too.

Which diet would be best for your Border Collie then? There is no simple solution and it'll depend on what you think is best.

If you're undecided, ask your veterinarian for their advice on the best type of nutrition and best option to move forward with. A good option is to have both diets available at all times, just in case, to give your dog the option.

What To Feed A Border Collie

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