We are very experienced and confident in our shipping and exporting of live reptiles. Rest assured we go above and beyond to ensure safe delivery and arrival of every reptile. Only in very rare circumstances that may arise beyond our control can we not guarantee, this includes and is not limited to transport misconduct, or any misconduct by any other entity during transit and arrival of live reptiles to final destination. We will of course work with you to come to a fair resolution for both parties.

We do require all proper documentation if there is an issue with any reptile. We require photographs of distressed or deceased reptile. We prefer you freeze the specimen if deceased before photographing and/or return to us frozen specimen. Photos must clearly show the reptile is deceased. We also require documents from the transporter confirming reptile arrived deceased and documentation if and where it was disposed. A claim must be filed with transporter for damage or loss.

Our goal is for every customer to be completely satisfied with any purchase. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your business.